Marriage Licenses – November 6

Marriage licenses

Ashley Pruitt and Jacob Jewell, both of Morgantown

Stephanie Barton and Kenneth Schlenz, both of Trafalgar

Jennifer Powers and Robert Torrance, both of Franklin

Kevin Black and Natalie Snyder, both of Franklin

Edward Aldridge and Penny Baxter, both of Franklin

Robert Muhlhauser and Gina Hammel, both of Greenwood

Ashley Hancock of Clinton and Jared Shull of Greenwood

Christina Sims of Bloomington and Daniel James of Greenwood

Travis Fink and Amy Payne, both of Greenwood

Lyle Strube and Angela Mason, both of Greenwood

Hannah Morrow and Devin Mains, both of Greenwood

Benham Bahrami and Pegah Mehrpouya, both of Greenwood

Rhett Bauer and Sydney Riley, both of Greenwood

Ashley Miller and Brian Largent, both of Franklin

Rebecca Whetstine and Eric Taylor, both of Nineveh

Jeffrey Blanford and Christina Ramsey, both of Greenwood

Junette Goodrich and Wayne Murray, both of Greenwood

Devin Clawson and Heather Clark, both of Franklin

Deanna Davis and Royce Funk, both of Bargersville

Amy Arnold and Bryce Durham, both of Greenwood

Stephanie Dortch and Eric Oliver, both of Franklin

Jason Risch and Kelly Mollett, both of Greenwood

Casey Voigt of Demotte and Justin Brosset of Whiteland

Loren Snyder and Morgan Greenlee, both of Franklin

Christopher Johnson and Rachel Britton, both of San Bernandino, California

Erin Ruddick and Craig Jones, both of Franklin

Brandon Smith and Cassie Parrish, both of Greenwood

Rachel Herron and William Clark Jr., both of Franklin

Malina Norris and Michael Courtney, both of Greenwood

Andrew Shotts of Greenwood and Destinee McClellan of Trafalgar

Melissa Inabnitt and Robert Roseberry, both of Edinburgh

David Kennedy and Sarah Becker, both of Franklin

Jeffery Gregory and Brandy Arthur, both of Franklin

Paul Wright III and Heather Huerta, both of Franklin

Stephanie Haywood of Indianapolis and Eric Ruckersfeldt of Greenwood

Olivia Stancombe and Clinton Voris, both of Trafalgar

Tiffany Brown and William Coleman, both of Greenwood

Rebecca Woodward and David Jeffers, both of Bargersville

Mary Ausenbaugh of Indianapolis and Peter Nugent of Greenwood