The so-called experts at the Indiana Department of Transportation don’t think a traffic light is warranted at the northbound exit ramp from Interstate 65 to County Line Road.

Our advice is to listen to the real experts in this area — the motorists who use the ramp on a regular basis. They want the stoplight left there. And given the anticipated increase in traffic for the area, leaving the light would pay additional dividends later on.

Here’s an example.

Amy Williams of Franklin used to pass through the busy intersection on her way to work. She says she saw close calls or even had some herself when turning onto County Line Road from the interstate.

“When the light went up, I thought, ‘It is about time,’” she said. “It’s crazy they want to take that light down; it’s just a dangerous intersection.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

According to Harry Maginity, an INDOT spokesman, the light was put up during construction along I-65 between Southport Road and Main Street in Greenwood and was meant to be temporary. Now that the project is wrapping up, the state plans to take the light down.

That means vehicles coming off the interstate onto busy County Line Road will again have to wait for traffic to pass or take a chance and dart out into it. Commuters and nearby residents say that is a bad idea.

County Line Road is a busy route that continues to get heavier traffic, and the light has made a big difference, according to the folks who use it. Having a light at that location removes the concern of drivers darting out into traffic when they see the smallest space available because they are tired of waiting.

New development is coming to the area. A new Kroger Marketplace off Emerson Avenue and a new Costco are planned west of Emerson Avenue. That means northbound motorists on I-65 will exit and have to turn left to reach these popular stores. The newly proposed 700,000-square-foot Greenwood Town Center will be just east of the interstate. That means there will be an even larger stream of traffic coming from the west, making it even more difficult for exiting motorists to turn left.

That area is going to need a stoplight, so if the state takes this one down, it will need to just put another one up.

At the moment, there might not be enough traffic at the ramp to warrant a light other than during rush hour. But it’s vital at that time and will become increasingly important as development in the area continues. INDOT should keep the stoplight in place.

At issue

The Indiana Department of Transportation doesn’t think a stoplight is needed at the northbound exit ramp from Interstate 65 at County Line Road.

Our point

INDOT would be wise to listen to the people who actually use the ramp and leave the stoplight in place, especially given the anticipated increase in traffic.