final election vignette

Becoming a familiar face

A Democrat running for Greenwood City Council dedicated the afternoon of Election Day to introducing herself to voters — a task she has become familiar with in the past three months.

Before Election Day, Ranjanpreet Nagra met and greeted residents in neighborhoods and subdivisions on the city’s east side, which was a priority during her campaign, Nagra said.

Tuesday morning, Nagra stopped at multiple Greenwood vote centers, speaking with other candidates and residents stopping by to vote. And on the final day of her campaign, she also reached out with a social media blitz, posting on her page and neighborhood pages, such as the Concerned Citizens of Southeast Greenwood.

Nagra faced incumbent Bruce Armstrong, who was seeking his fourth term on the city council.

“I’ve made phone calls, knocked on doors and asked questions about their concerns,” Nagra said. “The people you talk to is worth it.”

— Corey Elliot

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