2015 general election results

How you voted

Here are the voting results as of Tuesday night for all candidates on the ballot in the general election.

City of Greenwood Mayor

Mark W. Myers (R);xx

City of Greenwood Clerk

Jeannine Myers (R);xx

Bargersville Clerk-Treasurer

Steven W. Longstreet (R);xx

Edinburgh Clerk-Treasurer

Jackie Burton (I);xx

Scott Finley (I);xx

Greenwood City Court Judge

Lewis J. Gregory (R);xx

Greenwood City Council At-large (pick three)

Mike Campbell (R);xx

Brent Corey (R);xx

Chuck Landon (R);xx

Wilson Mack (D);xx

Greenwood City Council District 1

Linda S. Gibson (R);xx

Greenwood City Council District 2

Ezra Hill (R);xx

Greenwood City Council District 3

Bruce Armstrong (R);xx

Ranjanpreet Kaur Nagra (D);xx

Greenwood City Council District 4

Ronald “Ron” Bates (R);xx

Duane O’Neal (D);xx

Greenwood City Council District 5

J. David Hopper (R);xx

Greenwood City Council District 6

David J. Lekse (R);xx

Edinburgh Town Council At-large (pick three)

James “Big Jim” Burton (R);xx

Dawn M. Graham (R);xx

Ron Hoffman (I);xx

Jerry D. Lollar (I);xx

Jeff Simpson (I);xx

Bargersville Town Council At-large (pick three)

Gayle Allard (R);xx

Bruce Morris (R);xx

Kenneth Zumstein (R);xx

Dale W. Wright (D);xx

Whiteland Clerk-Treasurer

Debra L. Hendrickson (R);xx

Whiteland Town Council At-large (pick two)

Kent Lewis Beeson (R);xx

Scot Ford (R);xx

Whiteland Town Council Ward 1

David A. Hawkins (R);xx

Whiteland Town Council Ward 2

James W. Klenner (R);xx

Whiteland Town Council Ward 3

Phillip O. Wilson (R);xx

Andy Brock (I);xx

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