Leave the leaves?

Johnson County residents in most cities and towns can have their leaves picked up curb-side during normal trash pick-up times. The county does not offer any specific services for leaf pick-up for residents in unincorporated parts of the county, such as the Center Grove area.

Bargersville: Residents should rake leaves to the curb and not bag them. The town has created a schedule through Dec. 11 for Bargersville subdivisions.

The schedule includes the following: all of Old Town Bargersville on Mondays; subdivisions Al-Mar, Kerrington Proper, Timber Heights and Jay-Dee Lane on Tuesday; subdivisions Enclave, Tremont, Somerset, Harvest Grove, Wyncrest, Oakmont and Claybourne on Wednesday; and subdivisions Hickory Estates, Banta Woods and Whitetail Woods on Thursday. The schedule might change depending on weather and volume, possibly resulting in a one- to two-day delay.

For more information, call 422-5115.

Edinburgh: Leaves should be swept to the curb. The street department will remove them.

For information, call 812-526-2111.

Franklin: Residents can rake piles of leaves to the curb and the city will collect them.

For information, call 736-3660.

Greenwood: Leaf pick-up is included as a service residents pay for with their sanitation bills. Businesses are charged a $75 annual fee that they can elect to pay for leaf collection if they choose. Residents should rake leaves to the curbs for collection.

For more information, call 887-5000.

New Whiteland: Residents can sweep piles to curbs and they will be collected. The town will remove them within a day or two.

For information, call 535-9487.

Trafalgar: The town does not pick up any leaves. Residents can burn leaves as long as the fires are of natural rubbish. The fire department should be notified if residents are going to burn leaves.

For information, call 878-5194.

Whiteland: Whiteland will pick up piles of leaves for residents. Leaves need to be raked to the curb. The town will be cleaning storm drains as well, so leaves need to be in piles on the back of the curb, off the street.

For information, call 535-5531.

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Anna Herkamp is an editorial assistant at the Daily Journal. She can be reached at aherkamp@dailyjournal.net or 317-736-2712.