Item found pressed into treat chocolate

A woman found an item pressed inside a piece of chocolate her children got while trick-or-treating in a Bargersville subdivision, and police are investigating.

So far, investigators don’t know what the little green thing is that was found in the Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cup.

Their first thoughts: a pill or a Smartie.

Initial tests have showed it is not an opiate drug, such as heroin or speed; but investigators sent it to Indiana State Police for further testing, Bargersville Police Department investigator Steve Byerly said. The testing could take some time, he said.

Police began investigating after receiving a call on Halloween from Kimberly Vogel, of Fairland, who had brought her children trick-or-treating in Harvest Grove in Bargersville, off State Road 135, north of Whiteland Road, according to the police report.

After they returned home, she noticed the Reese’s package was partially opened. Inside, she found a thumbprint on the chocolate and a small green item pushed into it, Byerly said.

She called Bargersville police, who went to her home to pick up the candy. Byerly had the item tested with a field kit, which officers use to detect the presence of certain drugs, and it was negative.

Now, he wants to get the word out to the community and to others who may have trick-or-treated in that area, he said. The family visited about 40 homes that night, he said.

The item could be candy, and the incident could have been a prank, he said.

No other complaints have come into the police department, but he wants to make sure parents are aware of what happened, Byerly said.

“We need to get something out. That’s our duty,” he said. “We don’t want to overly alarm anyone because it could just be kids playing a joke.”

But in 40 years of police work, Byerly hasn’t seen a similar incident and called it concerning.

He is asking that parents check their kids’ candy, since the open wrapper in this case was noticeable, he said.

“It could just be a sick joke,” Byerly said.

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