Artisan Market Todd


john todd

Where: Homecroft

Style: Decorative leaves, with some functional mugs and bowls

something to keep him busy

“I used to teach school before I retired, and after retiring I needed something to do with my time. I’ve always enjoyed art, I used to paint some, and my daughter had taken a ceramics class. I said I’d give it a try. That was 14 years ago.”


“After retiring, I was taking art classes. I made a leaf in one of my classes, and my instructor told me I could probably sell those if I wanted to. I kept making them, and now I sell them.”

keeping his options open

“I’ll try about anything I can with my limited talent with clay, mostly functional and some decorative work. I started out of a need to be creative. This was a way I could do that. It’s relaxing, it’s enjoyable. It’s a hobby, not a business for me.”

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