Ranjanpreet Nagra Greenwood city council

What are the top 3 issues facing Greenwood, and how would you address them?

Development of Greenwood. There is a comprehensive plan, and city should follow that, and people should be aware there is a plan. People don’t always know what will be built around them when they are moving into a neighborhood. They should be able to know what could be built nearby, and be happy with what is built. Growth should be positive for the city. The city should grow in a way that makes it attractive, goes with the comprehensive plan and be the kind of city we decided on. The city also has traffic issues. There didn’t used to be so much traffic and congestion, but it is now because of growth and construction. Downtown Greenwood is also important, including preserving Old Town Greenwood, coming up with something that works for everybody. The city should be preserving old buildings but also making it attractive and a place people want to go that is accessible.

Is revitalizing downtown Greenwood a top priority? And if so, what should be done? And how should it be paid for?

Restore Old Town Greenwood has obtained some funding, and city is providing some. Is not sure what other sources there are and what other funding they can get. It should be a top priority. If you come to Greenwood, there is only a few places in downtown people think of. For instance, Mrs. Curl, one of the best landmarks. There should be more, should be other kinds of businesses, other places where people can go downtown and walk to. We need to work with what we have, not build new.

What is your vision for the new interchange on I-65 at Worthsville Road? Should the city limit the type of development that can be built there? What would you want to limit?

Thinks it is going to be another exit, similar to exit 99, where there is a gas station, car repair shop. She likes them both there. She lives nearby, and it is convenient, gets gas from gas station, gets car repaired at car repair shop. For people on I-65, the new interchange is another stop. For residents, it is another exit, and will ease Main Street traffic. Can’t think of what would want to limit. Residents nearby have asked that a new gas station there not sell alcohol. Is not really sure if she has an opinion. Can see from their standpoint, it would be close to them, close to schools. She lives far from the gas station at the Main Street exit.

Recently, the city has proposed changes to the zoning on land that was already approved for certain types of development, including rezoning it to agricultural use or to have less dense neighborhoods built. Do you support those proposals? Why or why not?

Is not sure if changes were according to comprehensive plan or were going against it. Doesn’t know much about those zoning changes.

In the past, money collected in tax-increment financing, or TIF, districts in Greenwood has been spent on road projects, the new I-65 interchange and the new aquatic center. Do you believe TIF money has been spent appropriately? Why or why not?

TIF money takes away from the library and schools. Is important schools be properly funded, should not slack on our education or libraries. Wants to make sure schools and libraries don’t suffer because of TIF money. Schools and libraries are accessible to everyone. You take that money away and put it into something only a fraction of people can use. Money should be put where most people can take advantage of it.

Do you support the creation of a new TIF district along State Road 135, between Stones Crossing and Whiteland roads? Why or why not?

Doesn’t know much about it and their reasoning of why they want it. Not familiar with it. Would want to make sure schools and libraries don’t suffer. And wants to make sure money is put to good use.

How would you or do you interact with the public, encourage residents to talk about issues they are concerned about and help them feel welcome addressing the city council at a meeting?

How the meetings are run currently, they not geared toward people who are attending. City council members have read things in advance, know what they are talking about. If you haven’t read it, you don’t feel included. Should include people attending or watching. If they are attending, they should feel like they are learning something. Council members should explain what they are talking about, speak loudly so entire room can hear, talk clearly. She has email, wants to be accessible via phone, email, has Facebook page for campaign, wants to continue using it. Been canvassing, asking people about their issues and concerns.

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