Brent Corey election questions

What are the top 3 issues facing Greenwood, and how would you address them?

Top issue is being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. Council’s biggest job is to manage money. Second issue is managing growth, and city needs to work on this from a planning standpoint. For too many years, the mantra was growth at any cost. City is seeing fallout of that. Wants to raise development standards to make sure it is in line with neighboring areas. Example is recent apartment complex request on Sheek Road, surrounded by single-family homes. Final top issue is to promote quality of life. Wants to make sure this is a community where his children want to raise their kids.​

Is revitalizing downtown Greenwood a top priority? And if so, what should be done? And how should it be paid for?

Downtown is an important part and needs to be the city’s heart. The first issue to address is how to ease traffic and pedestrian traffic in that area. Most of that funding would come from TIF districts.​

What is your vision for the new interchange on I-65 at Worthsville Road? Should the city limit the type of development that can be built there? What would you want to limit?

Worthsville Road should be upscale office space with less distribution. Opposes high density or lot-line housing. Would like to raise the standards for that area, which has been accomplished somewhat with overlay district.​

Recently, the city has proposed changes to the zoning on land that was already approved for certain types of development, including rezoning it to agricultural use or to have less dense neighborhoods built. Do you support those proposals? Why or why not?

Each proposal should be considered on an individual basis. Depending on what the zoning change is, has stated many times that city needs to raise standards. Zoning map is a living document that needs to change with the times. City needs to make sure officials are always updating and keeping an eye on what development standards are wanted.​

In the past, money collected in tax-increment financing, or TIF, districts in Greenwood has been spent on road projects, the new I-65 interchange and the new aquatic center. Do you believe TIF money has been spent appropriately? Why or why not?

TIF should be used for infrastructure and used to alleviate traffic and congestion problems you see every day in Greenwood. Appropriate uses would be Smith Valley, Worthsville and Honey Creek roads. TIF money should not be used to purchase police cars. Voted against using TIF money for the pool. Would have rather seen more public input. Would like to see TIF money used for infrastructure improvements. City has a huge deficit in infrastructure especially when it comes to traffic.​

Do you support the creation of a new TIF district along State Road 135, between Stones Crossing and Whiteland roads? Why or why not?

Yes. The issue goes back to the infrastructure problems and the traffic problems along that corridor. Honey Creek Road is a project on the list, and helping with Smith Valley Road and State Road 135 intersection, and some sewer projects.​

How would you or do you interact with the public, encourage residents to talk about issues they are concerned about and help them feel welcome addressing the city council at a meeting?

“I’m open to helping anybody out. We’re here to serve the citizens and make the community the best it can be.” Serves on several committees and tries to be a resource.​