Man arrested after girlfriend calls police

A man was arrested after his girlfriend told police he hit and kicked her, grabbed her hair and threatened her with a knife.

Blake Hansen, 23, Indianapolis, was staying with his girlfriend at her father’s house in New Whiteland on Saturday when she got a phone call. She told police Hansen saw that a man had called and grabbed her by her hair, threw her to the ground and punched and kicked her, according to a report from the New Whiteland Police Department.

She told police Hansen grabbed a knife and put it against her throat, threatened to kill her and her family and then cut her finger, the report said.

The woman told police Hansen would not let her leave the home, and her phone died so she couldn’t call police. The next day, the girlfriend’s father came home, and she asked him to take her to her mother’s house in Franklin, where she was able to call police, the report said.

Hansen, 5503 Rue Royale, was arrested on charges of domestic battery, criminal recklessness, criminal confinement and intimidation and on a warrant. Hansen was in a work release program in Marion County but had walked away from his work site, according to the report. He had been convicted in a domestic battery case involving a different woman, the report said.

Hansen is being held in the Johnson County jail on $7,800 bond.