Another credit card skimmer found at gas station

A second credit card skimmer was found at a gas station in Franklin, less than a month after one was discovered.

About 2 a.m. Thursday, an assistant manager was checking the gas pumps at the station on East King Street for skimming devices, as the employees typically do during their shift. The assistant manager found a device on one of the pumps. The device was plugged in inside the gas pump panel, according to the police report from the Franklin Police Department.

New locks were installed on the gas pump panels about 14 hours earlier, the report said.

Gas station employees are looking through security footage to see if it recorded the person who broke into the pump.

In early September, employees at two Johnson County gas stations — one in Franklin and one in Bargersville — found skimmers on their gas pumps. Both cases are still under investigation. No one has been arrested.