Marriage Licenses – October 1

Marriage licenses

Felicia Nichols and Benjamin Houston, both of Bargersville

Kirah Bowden and Dustin Moore, both of Greenwood

Clyde Croucher Jr. and May Jaeger, both of Nineveh

Christina Fletcher and Gregory Whitaker, both of Greenwood

Tasha Bryan and Jason Carnes, both of Greenwood

Nicholas Smale of Greenwood and Blake Gilvin of New Palestine

Warfield Rodriquez of Greenwood and Miranda Loveland of Bloomington

Dustin Helton and Heather Barlow, both of Bargersville

Katherine Ramsay and Joel Lickliter, both of Greenwood

Taylor Schultz of Greenwood and Randi Ohler of Indianpolis

Amanda Frazier and James Sanders, both of Nineveh

Jordan Jarrett and Jacob Dodd, both of Greenwood

Joanna Jones and Jason Brother, both of Bargersville

James Chupp and Charlene McGowan, both of Franklin

David Blevins and Jennifer Sweeney, both of Whiteland

Jamie Smith of Greenwood and Collin Hill of Indianapolis

Ernest Walker Jr. and Julia Hazel, both of Greenwood

Kyle Martin and Emile Meyers, both of Franklin

Christina Carlile and Cindy Richardson, both of Franklin

Morgan Lewis and Christopher Bell, both of Greenwood

Julia Nussbaum of Greenwood and Noah Helm of Wheaton, Illinois

Zachary Dodds and Nicole Harmon, both of Greenwood

Olivia Russell and William Karr, both of Champaign, Illinois

Michelle Coombs of Franklin and Theodore Funk of Bargersville

Darlene Messer of Greenwood and Harold Skinner of Indianapolis

Justin Sluka and Alexandra Kopie, both of Franklin