Top administrators staying put

Leaders of all six local public school districts are expected to stay here through at least next year.

Across the county, superintendents’ contracts go through next year, 2017 and as long as 2019, except for one contract set to be voted on next month.

Greenwood’s school board is considering a three-year extension for Superintendent Kent DeKoninck. In the proposed contract, DeKoninck would get a $600 raise, bringing his salary to $135,863 annually.

The increase reflects the amount that was added to the teacher base salary during the 2013-14 school year, DeKoninck said.

DeKoninck also will receive a one-time payment of $2,612 in the new contract. His current contract does not include a raise provision, so when teachers received raises during the past two school years, he did not receive those raises.

DeKoninck has been at Greenwood since 2013, and his contract initially was going to run out in June 2016.

Superintendents at Clark-Pleasant and Edinburgh received contract extensions this year.

Clark-Pleasant Superintendent Patrick Spray now has a contract that automatically renews each year unless the board decides to change it. In the new contract, Spray will receive a 2.8 percent raise, bringing his salary to $144,000 per year.

Edinburgh Superintendent William Glentzer’s contract was extended through 2017, but his salary remained $96,600. He also received $5,000 in his retirement fund and will be reimbursed for travel more than 50 miles away from the school district at 45 cents per mile.

Glentzer’s contract was extended in February, and Spray’s was approved in March.

The next superintendent contracts that will need to be renewed or extended will be in Center Grove and Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson. Both school contracts run out next year.

By the numbers

Two Johnson County superintendents received new contracts for their school districts, and one more is slated to be approved next month. Here’s a look at the contracts for local superintendents:

Center Grove

Rich Arkanoff


Expires in 2016


Patrick Spray


Renews automatically each year


William Glentzer


Expires in 2017


David Clendening


Expires in 2019


Kent DeKoninck


Expires in 2019


Tim Edsell


Expires in 2016