Letter: Open dialogue essential to free, prosperous community

To the editor:

Over 200 years ago the founders of our nation saw fit to enshrine freedom of the press, along with many other important protections, in the First Amendment of our Constitution. Article 1 of the Indiana Constitution also incorporates these protections.

A free and open dialogue is essential to a free society and prosperous community. The press plays an important role in fostering this dialogue. Many areas around the state where I hear the most complaints about local politics are areas in which the local press turns a blind eye to many government activities and fails to present a diverse range of opinions to the public.

I’ve found your coverage of events in the county to be fair, and many sides have had their opportunity to express themselves. It is essential the citizens and the press watch their government with a critical eye.

Your willingness to publish letters contrary to your own editorial opinions, including several of my own, is a credit to your professionalism. I hope you strive for continued fulfillment of this important role in the community.

Frank Rossa

White River Township