Marion County man charged with Greenwood bank robbery

Three months after a Greenwood bank was robbed, a man who was convicted of another robbery in Marion County has been charged and arrested.

According to court records, when police officers went to pick up Michael Scott Lane, 44, of Indianapolis, he told them he was planning to rob another bank.

Lane, 3859 Cherry Glenn Court, has been charged with one count of robbery in Johnson County.

Last week, after pleading guilty to robbery in Marion County, he was sentenced to four years in community corrections. He also pleaded guilty to theft and fraud in an unrelated case there, according to court records.

On June 10, a man walked into Huntington Bank, 1267 Emerson Ave., and stole about $3,000 in cash. He passed a note to an employee that said “I have a gun” and demanded the money. The teller gave him the money and also sent a message to her co-workers with a code word that a robbery was taking place, according to the police report from the Greenwood Police Department.

When investigators were looking at surveillance footage of the robbery in Greenwood, the suspect fit the description of the man who robbed the Chase bank on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis just one week earlier. In addition to stealing cash, the robber had stolen a teller’s vehicle from the parking lot in that robbery, according to the police report. Lane was arrested June 15 on charges of robbery in the Chase bank incident.

Greenwood police also received multiple tips that said Lane committed the Huntington Bank robbery, according to the police report. The Greenwood Police Department teamed up with the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ Safe Streets Task Force on a joint investigation.

Police received an anonymous tip that Lane was staying at a motel in Indianapolis with his girlfriend. Police found the stolen vehicle from the Indianapolis bank robbery in the parking lot, and approached Lane when he got into the vehicle. Inside the car, officers found a note that said “I have a gun. No one will get hurt,” and demanded $5,000. Officers also found a paper towel roll that was shaped to look like a handgun, the police report said.

Lane told police he was on his way to rob a bank in Wanamaker when officers stopped him, according to the police report. He told police he is addicted to heroin, the police report said.

Lane is currently is in the Johnson County jail on $300 bond.