Man receives trespass warning for indecent exposure

A man received a warning for trespassing after exposing himself to the front desk clerk at the Franklin Comfort Inn, according to a police reported.

A guest staying at the Comfort Inn, 2122 Holiday Lane, walked to the lobby shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday and asked the clerk to take a photo of him with his cellphone. When the clerk agreed, she walked from behind the counter to take the photo. The clerk noticed the man had his pants unzipped and was exposing his genitals, according to report from the Franklin Police Department. The clerk asked the guest to cover himself.

The man said he was embarrassed and zipped up his pants, the report said. Then the clerk took the photo and returned his cellphone, the report said. The clerk then called police.

An officer asked why the man exposed himself. The guest said it wasn’t his fault, and that it was unintentional. The officer gave him a trespassing warning and told him to leave the hotel immediately. He was not arrested.