Marriage Licenses – September 18

Marriage licenses

Patricia Emery and Duane Green, both of Whiteland

Jatinder Singh and Manpreet Kaur, both of Greenwood

Brittany Jones and Christopher Waite, both of Greenwood

Kirstin Durham and Eric Santa, both of Greenwood

Britney Gordon of Greenwood and Clint Heisler of Fort Wayne

Ashley Catterton and Clayton Catterton, both of Greenwood

Ashley Shaw of Greenwood and Chance Camden of New Whiteland

Jeremy Short of Franklin and Jessica Hall of Whiteland

John Keesling and Lindsay Prather, both of Nineveh

Melissa Pankey and Robert Shrout, both of Edinburgh

Wendy Deal and Larry Neville II, both of Trafalgar

Jennifer Buker and John Pfifer, both of Franklin

Coen Weiler and Keri Lebeau, both of Franklin

Anna Teeter of Franklin and Braxton Hill of Newbern, Tennesee

Krista Chittum of Greenwood and Andrew Kelley of Whiteland

Erika Robinson and Kevin Armour, both of Greenwood

Mark Schwamberger and Michelle Pointer, both of Franklin

Kulwinder Kaur and Shivtej Butalia, both of Greenwood

Ramon Mercado and Sarah Voorhees, both of Franklin

Stephanie Starks and Matthew Hart, both of Greenwood

Sarah Weile and Ronald Riley, both of Greenwood

Adam Ferrell and Amanda Landrum, both of Greenwood

Shelly Hubbard and Mary Jo Burton, both of Trafalgar

Gregory Potter and Lourdes Hurtado, both of Franklin

Tyler Jarjoura and Amberleigh Bauer, both of Greenwood

Danny Barrett and Angela Adkins, both of Greenwood

Charles Richardson and Yvonne Hardy, both of New Whiteland

Kathryn Jones and Anthony Sarpa, both of Greenwood

Rachel Alvey and John Pettygrove, both of Franklin

Allen Sloan Jr. of Franklin and Veda Albertson of Beech Grove

Desiree Spears and Emily Steinmetz, both of Greenwood

Christina Boat and Jarrod Seacat, both of Franklin

Mariah Puckett and David Daniel, both of Greenwood

Arthur Wooten Sr. and Kasey Watkins, both of Franklin

Steven Nanney of Greenwood and Stacie Brown of New Whiteland

Lensi Dickey of Indianapolis and Jeremiah Hunsley of Greenwood

Micheal Del Busto Jr. of Carmel and Sarah Wenning of Franklin

Benjamin Ward and Whitni Harrington, both of Greenwood

Daniel Falks and Tina Mueller, both of Bargersville