Video catches burglars in storeVideo catches burglars in store

Greenwood police officers are looking for two thieves caught on camera stealing items from a Greenwood jewelry store last week.

Investigators got video surveillance footage from businesses close to Alternative Creations and Company Fine Jewelry, located at 3100 Meridian Parke Drive, from the night that burglars broke in through the roof.

Officers now know they’re looking for two suspects, but the video showed they covered their head and neck with a towel or T-shirt.

The owner of Alternative Creations reported the burglary last week, after coming into the store and seeing nearly every item stolen from inside. Burglars had cut a hole in the roof, climbed in, disabled the alarm system and climbed back out to wait to see if police would show up, Greenwood Police Department spokeswoman Kortney Burrello said.

After no police showed up, the two burglars climbed back into the jewelry store and stole the items.