Loaded guns stolen in Center Grove area

Loaded guns were stolen from a truck parked in a Center Grove area neighborhood.

A Greenwood resident had two loaded handguns and a knife stolen from his truck, which was left unlocked, overnight Wednesday, according to the police report.

The theft happened in the Lincoln Park community near the intersection of State Road 135 and County Line Road.

Over the summer, multiple car break-ins have been reported, and police are advising people not to leave weapons or other items that could be stolen in their cars, Sheriff Doug Cox said.

“People can’t leave loaded guns in unlocked vehicles, period,” Cox said. “People can’t leave them in locked vehicles, either. There’s just too many people out there breaking into vehicles.”

In June, an AK47 and ammunition were stolen from a vehicle in Greenwood. And in May, more than 20 guns were stolen from a home in the Center Grove area.

“We have two loaded handguns out there during a time when people need to be thinking about personal security and safety more than they ever have,” Cox said.

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