Letter: Budget cuts exacerbating state, federal problems

To the editor:

Is anyone else fed up with trying to live on the cheap in fantasyland? Hints of more budget cuts when neither the state or federal government are living up to funding essential services and enforcement! Our bridges, roads, sewers and public buildings are all deteriorating because of postponed maintenance.

Education is faltering with lack of funds for teachers, textbooks, state-of-the-art teaching tools and building maintenance. In some areas, police and fire services are curtailed for lack of funds. All areas of enforcement of laws for revenue and safety are underfunded -– food and agriculture inspectors, revenue agents, bank examiners, drug administration, medicare fraud prosecutors and the list goes on.

Yet the conservatives all preach that they want waste and fraud curtailed before raising taxes. With the stupidity of the Bush tax cuts, threats of government shutdown, sequestration and stonewalling of responsible budgeting at their doorstep, their cries are more like alligator tears.

After last week, thank God we did not put Social Security funds in the stock market. It is time to quit poor-mouthing and step up to the truth of 21st century economics and society, fund the services that people want and expect and admit we all have to pay for it with a fair tax system at all levels. We are not going to get there if those who are currently on the gravy train are the ones making the decisions and the media listen only to them.

Donald A. Smith