Roncalli senior defines perfection on ACT exam

A Roncalli High School senior became the first in the school’s history to ace every section of a college-prep exam.

Hannah Fikes received a perfect score on all four sections — math, English, science and reading — of the ACT exam, one of two exams that students take in high school as part of their college applications. The test scores are submitted with their applications to colleges or technical schools.

Fikes is the first student in Roncalli’s 47 years to achieve that distinction, according to a news release from the school.

Eleven Roncalli High School students received perfect scores on one or more sections of the ACT or SAT exam this past school year, the release said.

No students from local public schools received a perfect score, local school officials said.

Last year, about 22 students from schools on the southside earned perfect scores on parts of the exam, including seven from Roncalli.

By the numbers

Perfect scores on the ACT and SAT exams are a rare feat, but some students managed to ace the tests this year. Here’s a look at the stats:

13: The number of Johnson County students who aced one of the sections of the ACT or SAT for the 2013-2014 school year

11: The number of Roncalli students who aced at least one section of the ACT or SAT exam during the 2014-2015 school year

Who scored perfect:

Matthew Jones, in ACT reading; Eddie Foy, in ACT math, ACT reading, ACT science and ACT composite; Erika Dow, in ACT math, ACT science and SAT math; Aliena Fox, in ACT reading; Michael Erickson, in SAT math; Nathan Kern, in ACT reading; Matthew Pluntz, in ACT math; Federica Sanchez, in ACT reading; Andy Reel, in SAT math; Claire Whalen, in ACT reading.