Letter: Town of Center Grove still not needed

To the editor:

What brought up the idea of “shovel ready” (Aug. 13)? Let me refresh your memory. Within the past five years or less, it was thought by some that White River Township should become town or city — to really help the township out. Long story short, by an overwhelming majority the township told everyone where to go with that idea. You do remember?

Anyway things haven’t changed. We have outstanding police and fire protection. Our county highway does an outstanding job regarding service of the roads (all roads). The snow we had this past winter can be proof of that.

The article goes on to state that we need shopping facilities in our back yard. For what? To watch women wrestle (a la Walmart)? If you are really sold on this idea, go visit the homeowners who are stuck behind the Walmart off of State Road 135.

My wife does all the shopping here, the only thing she is complaining about is the Meijer rebuilding project off of State Road 135. She claims it takes her twice as long to to find everything. But there is good news with that remark. I’ve been known to have a drink every so often. One bar I hit has these big soft pretzels, which goes very well with almost thing you drink. I also drink at home; she does too.

I told her about a month or so ago to check the stores, I’m sure they have them. She kept telling me she couldn’t find them. Now with Meijer under the rebuilding plan they aren’t as neat and orderly. Today she returned with my big pretzels.

But back to converting from a township to a town. Some of us from the old battle still have our sign or signs in our garages and sheds. A few are still out along the road sides.

We have the Johnson County planning director by the name of David Hittle, whom we have never seen. Would he be interested in a job in some other county or better yet a state? That could be arranged. Anyway please leave the White River Township Center Grove citizens alone.

It seems as though someone has got the Center Grove school protection force excited. Their newer cruisers are marked as Center Grove Police. Where did that come from? If you really need to do something, figure out a way I can get my Daily Journal delivered in the morning!

Ed Woods