Letter: Tutoring program helps kids overcome challenges

To the editor:

Each fall as we watch the children start a new year in their neighborhood schools many of us begin to remember the joy and anxiety associated with that annual event. If we had good school experiences, we remember new clothes and shoes, sharpened pencils, crisp new notebooks and smiling teachers.

While we often were tenuous about the start of school, most of us had the support of caring families and educators to help us be successful.

In today’s world we want the same things for our own community’s children. Teachers work tirelessly to give each child the attention and support necessary to succeed, but as we all know it is a challenge that gets more difficult every year.

Many families are fragmented and outside influences pull at our kids, which keep them from being successful students. However, you can make sure that these children have another caring adult who will support them during the school year.

The Oasis Tutoring Program, now in its 21st year in the Greenwood elementary schools, provides a tutor for children referred by their teachers. These tutors meet with that child at least one hour a week to bring care, support and academic assistance to help ensure a successful school year.

The Oasis tutoring program offers adults over 50 the chance not only to help our city’s students but also gives them a meaningful and very important way to enrich their own lives No educational background is required as training is provided for all new tutors.

If you want to make an impact on the future of a child, call 396-3751 for more information. Training will be held in September for this school year.

K. Jane Adcock

tutor coordinator,

Greenwood Community Schools