Letter: White River Township benefits not so great

To the editor:

As a resident of White River Township I was particularly interested in your “Cleaning Up” article that appeared in the July 17 edition. The article listed services available to assist residents on how to get rid of debris from this week’s severe weather for seven towns in Johnson County.

For the residents of Johnson County the article states that “residents are responsible for removing tree limbs from their yard.” In other words no service!

No service might be understandable for owners of 500-acre farms that have the acreage and equipment to deal with downed limbs and other debris. But for the residents of the numerous other neighborhoods in Johnson County, a solution other than clearing our own property and paying someone to take our downed tree limbs so that they can be sold back to us as mulch is a pain in more than just the pocketbook.

It causes at least this White River Township resident to rethink the benefits of forming a town that provides certain basic services.

Larry G. Davis