Jobless level drops by more than 700

More than 700 Johnson County residents have been able to return to work since June 2014, according to a report from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Johnson County continues to have a lower unemployment rate than the state average of 4.8 percent, with June’s unemployment rate hitting 4.1 percent.

Of the 156,603 people unemployed throughout the Hoosier state, more than 3,100 hail from Johnson County.

That is fewer than the 3,870 people who were unemployed last June, the report said.

More than 3.1 million people are employed throughout Indiana, including more than 74,000 from Johnson County.

The county’s workforce has grown by about 2,000 residents since June 2014, according to the unemployment report.

Boone, Hamilton and Hendricks counties all had lower unemployment rates than Johnson County, and Hancock County also had a 4.1 per-cent unemployment rate for last month.

The other counties surrounding Marion County — Madison, Morgan and Shelby — have higher rates of unemployment.

Indiana’s statewide unemployment rate of 4.8 percent is lower than the national average of 5.5 percent.

The state unemployment rate dropped more than one percentage point since June 2014.

By the numbers

Here’s a look at the current employment rates for counties surrounding Marion County:

Johnson County

June 2014: 5.1 percent

June 2015: 4.1 percent

Boone County

June 2014: 4.6 percent

June 2015: 3.8 percent

Hamilton County

June 2014: 4.3 percent

June 2015: 3.5 percent

Hancock County

June 2014: 5.2 percent

June 2015: 4.1 percent

Hendricks County

June 2014: 4.7 percent

June 2015: 3.9 percent

Madison County

June 2014: 7.0 percent

June 2015: 5.3 percent

Morgan County

June 2014: 5.7 percent

June 2015: 4.5 percent

Shelby County

June 2014: 5.5 percent

June 2015: 4.2 percent

Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development