Man arrested on home improvemet fraud charge

A man was arrested after a Greenwood resident said he charged him to do work at his house but didn’t finish the job.

Joel A. Moore, 39, 1366 MLK Jr. Road, Walnut Cove, North Carolina, was charged with home improvement fraud in 2011 after the resident made the report.

But when police went to arrest Moore at his former Franklin address, a woman said he had moved out of state. He was arrested this week.

In 2011, a homeowner called police to report that Moore had not finished painting his home or installing a new door after he had paid him about $2,400 to do the work, according to the police report.

The resident had paid Moore more than $1,200 to paint his Greenwood home and repair and replace wood columns and railings, the report said.

After Moore started that work, the homeowners asked him to order and install new doors inside the home and paid him nearly $1,200 to do that work, the report said.

A few weeks later, Moore stopped showing up to do work at the home and would not return the homeowners’ calls. They also called the home improvement store where they had picked out the doors and found they had not been ordered, the report said.

Moore was taken to the Johnson County jail and was released on $1,000 bond.

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