Rolling Stones music stands test of time

I learned a few things at the Rolling Stones concert July 4 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

As we waited between the Rascal Flatts and Rolling Stones sets, my husband asked the question: “What was your first outdoor concert?”

Me: “Well technically, I’d have to say my first outdoor concert was seeing Mitzi Gaynor at the Indianapolis Footlight Musicals at the open-air theater at Butler University in the 1970s. Mom and Dad took Leta, Debbie and I.”

After explaining that Mitzi was an actress, singer and dancer who appeared in many movies including “South Pacific” and “Anything Goes,” Steve rolled his eyes and told me that my answer didn’t count, since her show was more musical theater than a concert.

As I thought about my answer, I asked him what his first outdoor concert was.

Husband: “Maybe not my first, but one of my favorite concerts was seeing John Mellencamp play at the Indiana State Fairgrounds after ‘Scarecrow’ had been released (after 1985) — he was just starting to take off.”

Me: “I think my first outdoor concert was driving to Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium for the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival in 1981 and seeing Kool and the Gang, the Isley Brothers and Peabo Bryson.” (Which is when I think I saw him roll his eyes again.)

Husband: “Another favorite was the first time I saw the Rolling Stones when I was 15. It was July 26, 1975, at IU, and Mick Jagger turned 32 — so the whole crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him — that was 40 years ago.”

At some point during the concert, when Jagger, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and Ronnie Woods were rocking before 50,000 people, I looked over and saw my husband enjoying the music just as he had as a 15-year-old.