Letter: Gun laws can’t legislate against evil

To the editor:

So Dan Thomasson believes the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is evil (“It wouldn’t hurt Obama to push for more gun control,” July 6). Nice. Once again it’s another round of, “Let’s blame the gun.” Thomasson asks for judicial leaders to produce a sane firearms policy.

There are literally hundreds of laws with respect to the sale, ownership, transport and use of guns. We don’t need more laws. We need prosecutors to exercise the laws now in place.

Thomasson states, “Nothing will alter the status quo and the victims will just be more martyrs to the cause delivering us from the evil that is the Second Amendment to the Constitution.”

Does he not realize that you can’t legislate against evil? Evil is out there, always has been and always will be. The monster who committed the heinous crime in Charleston is the evil and should pay the ultimate price for his act. Perhaps that is the status quo that should be altered. There needs to be a swift end to his life.

And Dan, each of the atrocities that you mentioned in your opinion piece of July 6 happened in “gun-free zones.”

Professionally trained and happily armed,

Jack Borsos