Working with man’s best friend rewarding

Between mowing grass and working at his family’s business, Tanner Skeel has had a job since he was 14.

But this summer, he is working more hours than he ever has before.

The Greenwood Community High School graduate has most of his college tuition at Wabash College paid for, but he still wants to have spending money and is considering buying a car before leaving for school in August.

So this summer, he is working about 25 hours per week between two jobs and earning as much as $170 each week.

Skeel hasn’t had to apply for jobs because he has always kept busy cutting grass around his neighborhood or helping his mom and dad at their family-owned dog kennel.

“I have never had to apply, or interview for anything,” he said. “When I talk to people about cutting grass, that’s as close to an interview as I get, and there’s no need to apply somewhere else when I can work at my family’s business, and I enjoy it.”

Skeel’s father is a Greenwood police officer with a police dog, so he’s always loved dogs. His family owns Grassy Creek Kennels. He works about 12 hours per week there, helping with grooming, cleanup and feeding, he said. He also does handiwork, like hanging doors and making repairs.

He makes about $200 on each paycheck at the kennels. When he isn’t working at the family business, he’s cutting grass for six neighbors, bringing in around $170 per week, he said.

“The dog kennel is my favorite of the two jobs,” he said. “I have a love for dogs and being around them makes me happy.”

In the fall, academic scholarships at Wabash College will cover close to 90 percent of his tuition and fees, but Skeel said he still wanted to save money. He is saving most of the money he makes this summer for college. Occasionally, he’ll spend some money on the weekends with friends.

Skeel plans to help at the family business when he’s home for breaks and intends to look for a part-time job on campus, he said.

The Skeel File

Name: Tanner Skeel

Age: 18

School: Wabash College

Job: Grassy Creek Dog Kennels, mowing grass

Hours per week: 20-25

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