New lifeguard duties going swimmingly

Zach Marot is a three-sport athlete and the sports editor of his school newspaper and always has somewhere to be.

So when the Greenwood Community High School junior turned 16, he knew he needed two things: a car and a job to pay for it.

Marot applied at Target and thought about applying at the new Walmart in the Center Grove area. But when the new Freedom Springs Greenwood Aquatics Park opened, he made it his top priority to get on staff as a lifeguard.

“I wanted to get a job because I’m at the age where I could work, and I want to buy a car,” Marot said. “I waited to apply at other places until I heard back from Freedom Springs.”

Marot received lifeguard training in school; but after Freedom Springs hired him, he had to go through additional training with staff at the new park.

During the summer, Marot can work up to 40 hours a week, making $8.75 per hour. The park has three shifts and shuffles employees’ schedules around them.

Marot has balanced his hours around baseball and will soon do the same when football starts, he said.

He said his first job has been gratifying beyond receiving a paycheck because he has been able to balance his schedule around his work.

Now that he has seen he can do that, he is motivated to continue working when school resumes, he said. His hope is to become a Pacers’ ball boy and to have a job again next summer.

“Hopefully I’ll be brought back on at Freedom Springs next summer,” he said.

The Marot File

Name: Zach Marot

Age: 16

Job: Lifeguard, Freedom Springs

School: Greenwood Community High School

Hours per week: 25-35

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