Letter: Infrastructure where priorities should be

To the editor:

I just read the article “Outmuscled” (June 15) regarding the Greenwood Community Center’s need to compete with other fitness centers. My first reaction as a taxpayer is to question why the city of Greenwood feels the “need” to be in the entertainment business.

First the “aquatic park” and now a “fitness center” to rival the chain competition, if not Carmel’s community center. Bigger is not always better. Greenwood needed a new “municipal” pool and the community center could use an indoor pool, but we shouldn’t feel the need to compete with business ventures that are better left to the professionals.

I think the majority of Greenwood taxpayers would like more attention paid to our infrastructure. We need to fix our streets and downtown to compete and attract people.

For the record, Greenwood has a couple attributes that cities like Carmel would envy, lower taxes and less congestion. And we would like to keep it that way.

Kathleen K. Steuer