Center Grove athlete soared with confidence

Among field events, discus requires a unique combination of technique and strength. On the one hand, the competitor must have nearly the grace of a ballet dancer. On the other, that same competitor must be as strong as a lumberjack.

Too much of either attribute, and there’s little chance of significant success. It requires a balance of skills.

To the untrained eye, a discus thrower looks like a whirling dervish throwing a metal Frisbee. The reality is that the sport requires years of dedication to both strength training and polishing of technique.

This is why Cameron Tidd’s state championship in the event is so special and noteworthy.

On his third and final toss during the preliminary round at the recent IHSAA state championship meet in Bloomington, the Center Grove junior hurled the discus 190, 4 inches, a personal best. The distance stood up through the final round, and Tidd was crowned champion.

The throw shattered the school record by more than 5 feet and was more than 7 feet longer than his previous personal best, which was recorded at the Connersville Regional.

At 6-foot-4, 265 pounds, Tidd is bigger and stronger than a year ago, when his top distance of 160 feet, 10 inches, was good enough for sixth place as a sophomore.

Trojans coach Eric Moore noticed something special about his athlete.

“I really think Cameron’s improved his savvy in big meet competition,” Moore said before the state meet. “He gets up for them, and that’s confidence. He believes in himself and knows he belongs.”

Before the state finals, Tidd said, “Last year it was kind of surprising seeing that at the beginning of the season I wasn’t doing much. But I kept getting better as the season went on. This season it’s just being more consistent with my throws.”

After the state meet, he said of his winning throw: “When I let it go it didn’t feel like it went that far, but this feels great. It’s kind of unbelievable. It started sinking in when I found out I was going to be the one at the top of the (medal) podium. It was surreal.”

We congratulate Tidd on his accomplishment and salute his dedication to the sport.

At issue

The discus requires a special combination of technique and strength.

Our point

Center Grove junior Cameron Tidd’s state title in the event is especially noteworthy because of the skills required.