Letter: Annexation rationale doesn’t seem to add up

To the editor:

I have lived in Trafalgar since 1970. It has always been a sleepy little town. I was always proud of our small-town, friendly atmosphere. I believe there is a lot to be said about these types of communities throughout Indiana.

By my own admission I will admit I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I tend to look for the simple way to do things and try to look at all the alternatives when trying to solve a problem.

After attending the Trafalgar Town Council meeting in May, I question how thoroughly the council has investigated all aspects of the proposed annexation project. Whenever questioned about the reclassification of many parcels of land, the council president said it was done in a hurry and nothing was definite. “Done in a hurry” — it makes one wonder if this is good decision-making on their part.

I have been told the town of Trafalgar needs a greater source of funding, which appears to be the sole reason for this annexation proposal, yet the council has exempted the majority of the land from town taxes. Again, I question the reasoning of the council.

One council member stated in an earlier meeting that if Trafalgar didn’t start annexing north of town, then Bargersville would annex south. He asked if one would rather be a part of Trafalgar or Bargersville? Again, I question if this is a valid reason for this project.

From what was stated at the May meeting, the only possible service the proposed area may receive is some police protection. I live north of Trafalgar on State Road 135, and I see the town police patroling this area many times. One of the two people in favor of this annexation has stated he thinks the people along 135 should pay for this service. If the town council objects to their police department patrolling 135, they have control of them and why don’t they instruct them to refrain from such activities? Again, I question the reasoning of the council in this matter.

It was stated if the council pursues this annexation and they are unsuccessful, it could cost the town over $100,000. Can the town of Trafalgar afford such a risk when they are already looking for additional sources of revenue? From the number of people who were in attendance at the May meeting and appeared to be against the project, I think the council can easily see they will have a major problem getting this project approved. Again, I would question their reasoning if they move forward with the project.

I began this article by stating, “I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.” If the town council moves forward with this project, I can see there will be other tools in the shed with me.

Joe Park

near Trafalgar