Tennis courts at Franklin to be resurfaced

A project to resurface 10 tennis courts at Franklin Community High School this year will cost $51,000.

Resurfacing is needed to repair several pockmarks in the top layer of the 9-year-old courts and eliminate cracking in the asphalt base layer. The work is typical maintenance that most tennis courts need every 10 to 12 years, said Bill Doty, director of operations for Franklin Community Schools.

The work needs to be done now because the cracking was too severe to wait any longer, he said.

“I was planning on including this in our normal budget some time in the next couple of years as routine maintenance,” Doty said. “But when we saw how much the cracks had opened up, we decided it needed to be done now. We just don’t want the courts to go through another freeze-thaw cycle and see those cracks get even bigger.”

The school district has done similar tennis court maintenance in the past 10 years at Custer Baker Intermediate School and the middle school, which was previously the high school.

Work will begin in July. The school board unanimously approved the expense.