Pair walking through state for charity

Motorists traveling on U.S. 31 Wednesday were surprised to see a man and his goat walking through Johnson County.

Seattle native Steve Wescott and his goat LeeRoy Brown are walking across the country to raise awareness for a charity in Kenya, Uzima Outreach, which funds substance abuse programs and an orphanage. The duo started their journey May 2, 2012, in Washington and have walked across the country little-by-little, Wescott said.

Wescott and Brown were supposed to arrive in New York City’s Times Square by mid-2013, but Wescott has slowed his trip to give back to communities as he walks through them. If he gets a chance, Wescott will volunteer at a homeless shelter, a nursing home or a food bank, he said.

Typically, Wescott and Brown walk about 10 miles per day, he said. Residents came up to Wescott to either pet the goat, take pictures with the duo or find out more information about why he is walking across America.

When he started his journey, he knew he didn’t want to make the trip alone. He discovered that goats are a good pack animal and can carry additional supplies while accompanying him on the trip, he said.

Wescott spent Tuesday night in Greenwood and is staying in Franklin until today. A resident offered Wescott a place to spend the night in Franklin, so he said he would stay another night.

Wescott’s next major stop is the Creation Museum near Cincinnati.