Letter: Not all police runs require immediate arrest

To the editor:

In reference to the death of Kyler Myers (“Investigation into death continues,” May 13):

Our local law enforcement workers need to desperately be better trained to have compassion and be more concerned with helping citizens, and stop being so eager to make an arrest.

Lives are being lost due to improper procedures and training due to a lack of regard to the promise to protect and serve. Officers should be trained with signs to get medical attention to citizens.

They should not automatically find reasons for arrests. Not all runs require arrest.

Some runs should be seen as opportunities to intervene and save lives and possibly turn them around. Not everyone is a criminal.

It’s getting to where we need to be afraid of law enforcement instead of relying on the security and being able to turn to them.

Other counties seem to have a better grip on this issue, and ambulances are also often called to assess these situations. Maybe we should look into how other counties handle these situations to determine the best way to respond that will not result in immediate arrests and first focus on saving a life. Criminal charges, if necessary, can always be filed later.

People make mistakes. Do we have to lose more lives before something changes?

Bonnie Adams