Marriage Licenses – June 4

Marriage licenses

Kegan Carpenter of Franklin and Lisa Genetello of Belgium

Lillian Crisler and Harold Branch, both of Greenwood

Jeffrey Fouty and Marie Allen, both of Whiteland

Christopher Edwards and Julie Reindle, both of Greenwood

Erin Oakley and Adam McMillan, both of Greenwood

Kelli Hahn and Austin Senteney, both of Greenwood

Kristin Fessler and Jordan Richardson, both of Greenwood

Geoffrey Wilkerson and Miranda Asher, both of Franklin

Fatima Lhihi of Norridge, Illinois, and Daniel Anderson of Greenwood

David Richardson and Karie Lipsius, both of Franklin

Thomas Owens and Melissa Greene, both of Franklin

Robert Ewert and Lynette Smith, both of Greenwood

Elizabeth Manson and Misty Pannell, both of Greenwood

Brandon Booher of Greenwood and Veronica Curnutte of Indianapolis

Jamie Smith of Greenwood and Collin Hill of Indianapolis

Tiffany Marshall and Peter Ledbetter Jr., both of Franklin

Larry Myers and Ann Rose, both of Greenwood

William Wilkerson Jr. of Greenwood and Sherry Hildred of Indianapolis

Alfredo Quintero of Pomona, California, and Michelle Muela of Greenwood

Emily Powers and Erik Toler, both of Whiteland

Katy Nontell and Ricky Snyder, both of Greenwood

Steven Lizarme and Megan Liu, both of Greenwood

Kristen West and Zachary Roach, both of Greenwood

Corey Passmore and Sondra Sharp, both of Franklin