For salutatorian, the world is like her classroom

With all the facts, equations and essays presented in class over four years, Sarah Elam had her educational breakthrough thousands of miles from Roncalli High School.

As part of an honors foreign language program, she lived for seven weeks in Leon, Spain. She learned about traditional Spanish food, met with young adults who had grown up in Spain and have a perspective far different from her own and witnessed the passion and pageantry of the traditional bullfight.

Most importantly, she was immersed in the Spanish language.

“We spoke only Spanish all summer,” she said. “It was a great way to learn the language because I had to.”

Elam looks back at the experience as a cornerstone of her time at Roncalli. As salutatorian of this

The Elam File

Name: Sarah Elam

Age: 18

Parents: Matt and Kim Elam

Residence: Southside

College plans: Attend Butler University, where she will major in international studies and minor in Spanish

Career goal: Undecided

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