Even before he finishes high school, one Whiteland Community High School senior has his next eight years mapped out.

Logan Robinson will attend Wheaton College for four years then go to Indiana University’s medical school.

Robinson, the salutatorian of his class, also has plenty of other interests.

He already has earned his private pilot’s license, which is something that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather have done over the years, and can play guitar and keyboard.

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He also hunts, fishes, plays tennis and performs in his church’s worship team at SouthPointe Church in Whiteland.

Robinson took 12 Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses. During tennis season, he sometimes wouldn’t get home from practice or matches until 10 p.m. on school nights. So he studied during the school day as much as possible.

But being a self-described procrastinator, there were at least four or five nights that he had to stay up until midnight or 1 a.m. to finish a paper or a project, he said.

“I usually put everything to the last minute,” Robinson said. “That’s just kind of how I operate. It seems to have worked so far.”

Freshman year, Robinson developed a love of looking at objects at a molecular level. His biology class used microscopes, and seeing the breakdown of cells and organisms fascinated him. His passion grew so much since starting his freshman year that his parents bought him a microscope for Christmas that year.

Robinson combined his love of looking at the smaller details with his father’s profession — a family physician at Indy Southside Family Medicine — to discover his passion for medicine.

And ever since then, Robinson knew he needed to work as hard as he could to prepare him for another eight years of schooling.

“I really just wanted to take classes that challenged me to prepare me for college. I knew that wanting to be a doctor; and going into pre-med, I was going to have to work hard,” Robinson said. “So I wanted to prepare myself early.”

When he started his college search, Robinson knew he wanted to study chemistry and eventually go to medical school. But he also knew he wanted to restrict his list of potential colleges to Christian schools.

“My Christian faith has always been a really, really important — the most important — part of my life,” Robinson said. “I knew after going to a public school for so long, it would be nice to go to a place where I could grow in my faith.”

The Robinson File

Name: Logan Robinson

Age: 18

Family: Parents, Rod and Aimee Robinson; younger brothers, Eric and Travis

School: Whiteland Community High School

GPA: 4.45

Rank: Salutatorian

College: Wheaton College

Major: Chemistry for pre-med

Extracurricular activities: Played tennis all four years, played golf his senior year, member of National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and is on the worship team at his church, where he sings and plays guitar or keyboard

Fun fact: Logan has his pilot’s license, following in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather who also have one.