Letter: Republican ‘rabbits’ sacrificed freedom

To the editor:

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act events of recent weeks have, in the eyes/mind of the homosexual lobby/Democrats/mass media folk, transformed the image of Indiana, and have resulted in a new symbol for the Republican Party: the party of Rabbits.

The Republican Rabbit is a most miserable creature, frightened of everyone, feared by no one. He is a craven cowardly type, shivering with fright at the mere thought of confrontation/controversy/ideology battle, seldom venturing out of his hole and scurrying back at the very first hint of “trouble.”

Recently, in the tiny town of Walkerton, two Christian (gasp!) owners of a tiny pizzeria, their walls replete with such horrors as “Start each day with a prayer” and other equally terrifying notations, were approached by a intrepid/brave TV reporter who said these poor folks MIGHT not send a pizza to a gay wedding!

It is difficult to determine which inflamed/enraged the homosexual/Democratic/mass media crowd more! In any case, these “tolerant,” “love thy neighbor,” “loving,” gentle, beautiful people suddenly became an enraged, foaming-at-the-mouth, howling, bloodthirsty mob. The hapless owners were overwhelmed with vile, obscene phone calls, plus death threats, the business closed, and they went into hiding!

The legislation was designed to specifically prevent such a tragic occurrence! The Republican Rabbits, led by Rabbit-in-Chief Mike Pence, ran for the safety of their hole, leaving the wounded on the battlefield. A high school coach called for volunteers to help her burn the joint. Indy Mayor Greg Ballard and Johnson County rabbits Woody Burton, John Price, Dave Frizzell (Brent Waltz abstained) joined the mob, along with the “Church” of Christ people.

Whether these brave people were carrying gasoline/matches is unknown.

Great rich, powerful corporate heads (Lilly, Cummins et al.), who have no problems dealing with such bastions of freedom as Saudi Arabia, Red China/Red Russia and Cuba, added their support to the mob.

Police agencies must agree with the mob, as they showed no inclination to investigate threats to burn the pizzeria.

It appears Indiana has sent a very clear, terse message to any businesses contemplating locating in the state: You are no longer protected by law, but are at the mercy of the homosexual mob, who can and will shut down your business, maybe burn the business, threaten your very life.

In addition, your First Amendment (that pesky Constitution again), freedom of religion rights are no longer valid. The homosexual lobby is in charge!

I can only hope/pray the image of Indiana will change, but do not expect the rabbits to step into the breach.

Kenneth R. DeVoe