Investigation into death continues

Hours before his death, a Greenwood teen told police he had smoked Spice and was hallucinating.

Kyler Myers, 19, was arrested on two charges of possession of paraphernalia and a charge of disorderly conduct at 2:30 a.m. Monday after he called police and said people were trying to get into his Greenwood home. Officers searched the home and found no one inside or outside, according to the Greenwood Police Department report.

Myers told police he had been smoking Spice, or synthetic marijuana, on Sunday and early Monday, and officers found smoking pipes in the residence. Emergency workers checked Myers and found his vitals were stable, the report said. He was arrested and taken to the Johnson County jail, and was processed around 5:40 a.m.

Around noon, a nurse at the jail had Myers sent to Johnson Memorial Hospital to be checked out. When the jail van arrived, Myers was unresponsive; and after being brought into the emergency room, he died, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

Indiana State Police are investigating Myers’ death. Sheriff Doug Cox called state police shortly after the death and asked the agency to handle the investigation.

An autopsy was done Tuesday, and the cause of death was inconclusive. Myers’ body showed no signs of trauma, and investigators have no indication Greenwood police or jail staff did anything inappropriate, according to a news release from Indiana State Police.

Investigators are awaiting the results of lab tests, which are expected to provide more information on the cause of Myers’ death and are expected in four to six weeks. The investigation will then be turned over to the Johnson County Prosecutor for review, the release said.

On Monday, Myers was showing unusual behavior and was getting agitated with other inmates, according to an Indiana State Police news release. Myers saw the jail nurse at 11:40 a.m., who sent Myers to the hospital for evaluation. At 12:09 p.m., Myers walked to and got in the jail van and was conscious and alert, Cox said.

When the van arrived at the hospital at 12:12 p.m., Myers was unresponsive. He was taken to the emergency room where emergency workers tried to revive him but couldn’t, according to a news release from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Less than 12 hours earlier, Myers called the Greenwood Police Department to report people were trying to break into his house.

Myers told police people were pounding on the door and trying to break in. When officers got to his home in the 700 block of Raccoon Run, he told them the people were in his living room and his garage. Only Myers’ girlfriend was home, according to the police report.

Inside the home, officers noticed glass smoking pipes and a large hookah, according to the report. Myers’ girlfriend told police officers that Myers smoked Spice at least two times a day, including as recently as two hours before officers arrived at his house. Myers told police he had smoked Spice that day, the report said.

After 4 p.m. Sunday, officers were called to the home on a report of someone running around outside naked. When police came, Myers answered the door naked, the report said.

Myers told police he couldn’t remember how much Spice he had smoked, and police believed he was hallucinating since no one was found in or around the home, the report said.