Meeting planned about King Street work

Residents who want to learn more about work planned at King Street near Interstate 65 can attend a public meeting today.

The city of Franklin plans to revitalize King Street, between Eastview Drive and I-65, including bringing more businesses, hotels and shops that can be seen from the highway and welcoming visitors into the city. Construction would take place within the next few years, following the Jefferson Street repaving project.

City officials want to spend an estimated $6 million on redevelopment, including replacing two turns at Paris Drive with a roundabout, installing new sidewalks, medians and lighting along King Street and extending existing roads to make way for new development.

Members of the project’s design team will be at the meeting to answer questions, and residents can find out more information about what the interchange of I-65 and King Street will look like in the future. The project design team will lead the meeting and present new information on the project.

The meeting will start at 7 p.m., at Beeson Hall, 396 Branigan Blvd., Franklin.