Hearts & Darts – May 4


  • A giant heart goes out to Ann’s Restaurant for donating tea to our annual Johnson County Public Library Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Trafalgar library. This donation contributed to a wonderful evening of honoring and celebrating our library volunteers. Thanks so much Ann’s!

Wendy Preilis and the volunteer appreciation committee,

Johnson County Public Library

  • A big shoutout to Franklin College Student Congress for hosting the Senior Prom on Sunday, April 19. Food, door prizes, pictures, dancing and fun was had by all. The interaction with the students was priceless! Heartfelt thanks from the Franklin Active Adult Center!

Camille Humbles,

Franklin Active Adult Center coordinator

  • Many hearts to my friends and family and big hearts to my daughters, Susan Ferguson and Debbie Graham, who helped me celebrate my 90th birthday with an open house at my home on April 19. Also, many hearts to those who sent cards.

Elva F. Graham


  • Hearts to the Historic Artcraft Theatre for the Franklin Gospel Fest on April 18. The music was a real blessing, and the young piano player was absolutely fantastic.

Phyllis A. Boyd



  • We want to thank Lesley Cope Watkins and Alex Tasich of Lesley’s Uniforms in Northwood Plaza for hosting the Teen Link Pick a Prom Dress — it was a huge success. To see smiles on the teens faces, priceless!

Buzz Bay and Teen Link,


  • A heart to all the parents who helped out at our Spring Book Fair at Union Elementary School: Thanks to you it was a huge success.

Sandra Brown,



Gina Waldrip,



  • Special Olympics Johnson County hosted the third annual swim invitational for Special Olympics swimmers throughout the state. Kudos to Andy Hendricks, Franklin College swim coach, and his swim team for volunteering to run the meet since its inception. Also to be commended are the many volunteers from Franklin Community High School, Franklin College Swim Club, Edinburgh Community High School and Greenwood Community High School, as well as Franklin Community Middle School for use of their facilities. Special thanks to Lindsey Glamm Brown for organizing the event again this year.

Ruthie Whyde,

community outreach

Special Olympics Johnson County



  • Darts to the Realtors and political candidates who cannot or will not follow the rules for placing their signs in the rights of way. Politicians take an oath to uphold the Constitution; maybe it should be to uphold the Constitution and the local rules they pass. Realtors should have their licenses revoked if they can not follow the sign ordinances.

Dr. Dick Huber


  • Darts to Franklin city officials, who after announcing to the public that semis would be diverted away from the old town, continue to allow hundreds of trucks to rumble down King and Jefferson streets daily. Putting up a (very small) sign doesn’t cut it. Without enforcement, there will be no compliance by truckers.

Jim Curry