Hearts & Darts – April 27

Hearts and More Hearts

  • Hearts and kudos to Matt Sprout, Dr. David Clendening and their excellent teams for once again putting Franklin on the map by hosting the Google Summit. Under their excellent leadership Franklin Community Schools has moved from “good to great” by providing our students and community with a world-class learning environment.

Dave Sever


  • Thank you to the sales staff in the shoe department of the Franklin Kohl’s store for your time and attention you gave us over the nearly two hours we shopped for shoes to send to Haiti. We have sent 50 pairs of shoes to the orphans and staff at the House of Blessings orphanage. Your assistance in getting us the lowest sales prices and helping us find the correct sizes has helped make this project possible.

Nancy Kirklin

missions committee,

Community Congregational Church


  • Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County would like to send a big heart of appreciation to Jim Gridley and the Lowe’s store in Franklin for their help with training classes for our Women Build teams! Their continued support is greatly appreciated.

Lee Ann Wilbur,

executive director,

Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County

  • My car hit metal debris on the highway 2½ hours north of home. It was making an awful noise. I was imagining the worst. Kind souls assisted me. One was a gentleman in a small, bright blue car with a strap to hold up the torn under-body lining. The other good Samaritans were at Greene’s Auto Service South. They put my car on the lift to make sure that nothing else was damaged. I know it’s their business, but it was their attitude when they did the work that spoke volumes. Thank you. I will definitely recommend your business.

Vicki Kindervater