5 Things: Pleasant Crossing art show

A local elementary school is showing off student artwork.

Pleasant Crossing Elementary School will have an art show in May. The school is at 3030 N. County Road 125W, Whiteland.

Here is what art teacher Emily Compton said about the show.

When is the art show?

6:30 to 8 p.m. May 7

Why did you want to have an art show?

One of the most important parts of an artist’s job is showing their work. The art show gives my students the experience of showing their work, which helps them to feel like true artists. It is also a great way to honor all of the hard work my students put into their artwork throughout the year.

Whose art will be on display?

Every student from kindergarten through fourth-grade will have an artwork displayed at the show.

How long did the artists work?

The artists have worked all year creating a portfolio of work (5-7 finished projects). We have a portfolio review day a few weeks prior to the show during which all students choose their best piece to display in the show.

Is the show open to the public?

Yes, anyone is welcome at the show!