Letter: Check records to find who’s true conservative

To the editor:

By now many of you have received mailings from various candidates vying for a seat on the Greenwood Common Council. This could be a district seat (there are six) or an at-large seat (there are three). A common theme that I have noticed is the word conservative. This includes the incumbents (already in office) as well as some of the challengers. But what is a true conservative? The best way to determine that is to check the voting record while on the council. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did they vote themselves a pay raise last year?
  2. Did they vote to purchase iPads when paper copies of agendas would have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars?
  3. Did they vote for TIF (tax-increment financing) moneys to be used outside the taxing district?
  4. Did they vote to spend $30,000 to hire a lawyer to lobby the General Assembly so we could implement a food and beverage tax?
  5. Did they vote to extend the eastside TIF district thereby taking tax money from schools, libraries and other districts?
  6. Will they vote to continue to extend the TIF district so we can purchase the Greenwood Middle School?

If you believe (as I do) in the principle of limited government (one of the marks of a true conservative), these questions and more should be answered before casting your vote!

By the way, have you met any of the candidates at your door? Did they leave a telephone number on their literature?

Ron Bates,

Greenwood Common Council

District 4