Letter: News media has unique spin cycle

To the editor:

A victory for the Constitution!

My letter is in reply to the op-ed piece in April 15’s Daily Journal by John Crisp, “Give Iran nuclear weapons deal a chance.” This spin follows a weekly op-ed from another local writer who has for the past six years blasted the Congress. Remember the slogan, “You build it, you own it.”

Mr. Crisp’s very well-written op-ed has many interesting facts. The most important words he uses are, “But that’s the value of negotiating from a position of strength.”

I have long been a faithful follower and advertiser of the Daily Journal. I believe in my local paper. I believe in the great people who work at our local paper. I also want a more balanced Opinion page. I demand a more balanced opinion page.

Recently, the Senate committee voted 19-0 to force the White House to allow our elected representatives a vote on the Iran treaty this White House has been working on for what seems like a very long time. During this never-ending process, Iran continues to build and upgrade facilities for a bomb.

This week Russia has decided to join the fray and provide Iran with defensive missile capabilities. The president had again tried to go around the people’s representatives, and this time both parties stood up united to the bullying. The 19-0 committee vote sent a very strong message of what would happen if this bill was vetoed and sent back to the Congress. This would have been an embarrassment to the country and the president. Does anyone wonder why the White House immediately backed down and agreed to sign this bill?

Does anyone think a Harry Reid Senate would have even allowed this to committee? The American people in poll after poll have expressed where they stand on this issue. This is one of the most critical issues of our generation, and I could care less who gets the credit for this; however, for our children and grandchildren, we have to get this right. I congratulate our elected representatives of both parties for doing what is right.

Great job both Republicans and Democrats in the Congress. I am so sorry our news media decided to allow this issue to be spun yet again.

Stephen Knott