WTS Greenwood city council district 1 Linda Gibson

More than 30 facades could be renovated in a $1.2 million project aimed at launching downtown revitalization. Do you support the city spending money on that project? Why or why not?

Yes, supports it. Every owner is involved in that project. Will bring life back to downtown area, can be a gathering place. People are concerned that we’re going to put money in buildings that are falling down. There are engineers checking to see how structurally sound they are before we put any money in their facade. As we change the appearance outside, we’re going to see business owners who see that we’re not just talking about improving downtown, we’re doing something about it.

The city has also discussed an overall revitalization plan downtown, which would add new trails, a park and traffic improvements, such as making streets one-way and adding roundabouts. What projects do you think need to happen downtown? And how should they be paid for?

The appearance of downtown, improving the facades and the traffic, is important. Have to make it easier for people to walk around and go to events. If we had some outdoor cafes, it can be a gathering place. We’re moving forward on this façade project, and it looks like we’ll get the grant.

Do you support a mass transit plan to bring high-speed buses to Greenwood? Why or why not? How should that service be paid for?

The jury is still out on that for me. Tried having the bus directly to downtown, but the location that was chosen for that was a bad choice. All relies on where they have those pick-up points, and how they proceed to that. If it’s financially sound for riders and can get the ridership we need, is not opposed to being involved with that.

Development of new industrial buildings, such as warehouses and manufacturing centers, has been slow in recent years, and the city is running out of options for interested companies. The city has discussed building a shell building. Do you think the city should be involved in this development? Why or why not?

Doesn’t have a problem with Greenwood doing a shell building for manufacturing or something high-tech. But there’s not much revenue if it’s for a warehouse, and all you’re doing is bring more trucks in, and not the type of high-paying jobs and high-quality jobs that we need.

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