Rent a bike, take a ride

If you want to do some biking after a workout or take a leisurely ride around Greenwood, you’ll soon be able to rent a bike to ride.

Greenwood is launching a bicycle rental program, BIKEiT, at the beginning of May, allowing people to grab one of eight bikes, ride anywhere they want and bring it back when they’re done. The cost can be as little as $1, if you’re a member of the community center and ride for 30 minutes or less.

On Sundays, when the community center is closed, you’ll likely be able to rent a bike at the new aquatic center, Freedom Springs, and ride around Freedom Park and that area of town.

Park staff hope the program will encourage more people to try cycling, stay healthy by exercising and ride the city’s miles of trails, parks superintendent Rob Taggart said.

“It makes people aware of cycling and of our trails network,” Taggart said.

The Johnson County Community Foundation provided a $4,000 grant to the parks department last summer to purchase the bikes and launch the program. That helped Greenwood purchase eight adult-sized bicycles, which can be rented at the community center.

People renting a bike will have to sign a waiver and will be strongly encouraged, but not required, to wear a helmet while riding, Taggart said. The community center will not rent out helmets due to hygiene concerns but will have helmets for sale if someone wants to purchase one, he said.

Rental fees range from $1 for a community center member taking a short ride, up to $9 for a non-Greenwood resident who wants to ride for up to eight hours.

Once you sign up, you’ll also get a pocket map of the city that will highlight trails and some suggested routes mapped out with mileage, Taggart said. You don’t have to stick to the city’s sidewalks or trails, however, and can take the bike wherever you want, as long as you bring it back at the end of your ride, he said.

The community foundation grant committee was interested in backing the pilot program for the county after seeing the success of the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program in downtown Indianapolis. That program has 250 bicycles and 25 docking stations where people can rent and ride for $8 per day.

If Greenwood’s bike rental program is successful, similar programs could be considered in Franklin or other communities, and encourage trails expansions that would connect the entire county, foundation board members said.


Greenwood is launching a new bike rental program, which will allow people to borrow a bicycle at the community center and ride. Here’s how to rent:


Community center member: $1 for 30 minutes or less, $4 for half day, $7 for full day

Greenwood resident: $2 for 30 minutes or less, $5 half day, $8 full day

Non-resident: $3 for 30 minutes or less, $6 half day, $9 full day

How to sign up

Visit the front desk at the community center. You’ll have to sign a waiver and pay your fee. Helmets are not required but encouraged. If you need a helmet, you’re be able to purchase one at the front desk. Bikes may also be available at Freedom Springs aquatic center on Sundays in the future.

Where to go

Riders will get a pocket map that highlights some suggested trails or routes. But you can ride the bike anywhere you want, as long as you bring it back to the community center when you’re done.