Letter: Loudly trumpeted lies pushing truth aside

To the editor:

There is a worrisome attempt to suppress diversity, freedom of speech and freedom of religion in our state and nation. People are perpetrating their agenda by intentionally misconstruing facts and intentions and threatening economic ruin.

This is primarily, but not exclusively, the work of the political arm of the sexual revolution. People who still dare to trust their Bible over the vagaries of public opinion are called everything from idiots to bigots, folks who cling to their guns and Bibles, and are demeaned by at least one major political party and by at least one special interest group.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act recently signed into law was not written to discriminate against any individual or group; it was clearly written and intended to protect religious persons from being intentionally forced to perform services for others, who would in the course of those services be derided for their beliefs and forced to act in ways contrary to their beliefs.

Imagine compelling a Jewish caterer to serve a radical pro-Palestinian/anti-Jewish rally a pork lunch while being forced to listen to folks declare that no Jew deserves to live. Consider a Christian pianist being forced to perform music for a group which uses peyote in its religious services. Or a group of pro-choice folks forcing a Christian business to provide an advertising campaign deriding those who believe killing unborn children is wrong.

Or consider a gay couple forcing someone whose religious beliefs do not condone homosexual behavior to bake a cake with phallus symbols on it for their wedding. Perhaps a Christian church might force a gay business couple to provide a service while having to listen to a sermon condemning homosexual behavior.

One can easily imagine these groups sticking their thumb in the eyes of those whom they would dare to call bigots. To tell the truth, it is questionable if the newly passed law is even strong enough to protect folks against those scenarios. At best, it gives people an opportunity to appear in court.

Let’s be clear who has really created this mess — and it is an intentional mess of lies. Loudly trumpeted lies are apparently more convincing than the truth. Those who have done so should be ashamed. Those who have capitulated share the blame.

The intent of those opposed to such legislation is clear: diversity, respect and tolerance are concepts only applicable to those on the political, theological and behavioral left, that libel and prejudice against those of (moderate or conservative) religious faith should be unchecked, and that any means, including lies, unproven assertions, and threats, are legitimate tools for their agenda.

A small, but highly motivated group of aggressive, unethical people has managed to create an effective, fear- and hate-filled campaign, all while getting a free pass to call the majority of the Christian community bigots.

It’s time to call it what it is: radical, leftist, noninclusive, bullying bigotry which is intolerant and hateful of others who do not hold their views. We live in a liberal, pluralistic democracy with a Constitution protecting freedom of expression, religion and assembly. If we allow such groups as those now storming our Statehouse to succeed, how liberal, pluralistic or even democratic will we be?

Peter Jessen